CS2 Roulette Sites

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Roulette remains the most popular online gambling game within the CS2 scene. When CS:GO gambling started becoming more popular around 2015, Roulette was the second game after Jackpot to come out. Players quickly jumped on the game as it allowed gamblers to bet against the bank instead of playing against others. Furthermore, Roulette was pretty easy to understand: Players could place bets on either red, green or black. Red and black offered 2x payouts, while green offered x14 payouts. However, the chance to hit red or black is only about 46.66% while there is a 6.66% to hit green. Therefore, the house edge of CS2 Roulette is around 7%.

Full list of trusted CS2 Roulette Sites

  • CS2Empire – formerly known as CSGOEmpire – is the most popular CS2 Roulette Site and offers a huge withdraw section filled with cool skins. Moreover, players can also withdraw their balance using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, USDC or Tether.
  • 500.Casino – formerly CSGO500 – is a licensed online casino that started as a CS:GO Gambling Site and evolved into one of the most popular crypto casinos. Nonetheless, 500.Casino values their gamblers and still offers a variety of CS2 skins to choose from in their withdraw section.
  • Clash.gg – Clash.gg is a brand-new CS2 Gambling Site that offers a variety of games, including Roulette. Amongst their games, Roulette is one of the most popular games. You can bet on Blue or Yellow (x2 payout each), Green (x14 payout) and Grey (x7 payout).
  • CS2Roll – formerly CSGORoll – is one of the most popular CS2 websites.
  • Gamdom is a really popular Online Casino that offers CS2 skins for deposit and withdraw.

How to play CS2 Roulette

Playing CS2 Roulette is as easy as it can get. You deposit your CS2 Skins to a CS2 Gambling Site of your choice. After depositing your skins, you will receive coins, now you can use those coins to place bets. You can bet on red, black, and/or green. However, some websites only allow you to pick one of the three colors while other sites allow you to bet on multiple colors. If you picked the correct color, you will win something. Green is the most unlikely color therefore it pays out x14 if you hit it. Red and black payout x2 each but are more likely.

CS2 Roulette is a very engaging and fun game, but you can lose a lot of money quite fast. Furthermore, there are some bad actors out there. We suggest you only play on trusted CS2 Roulette Sites. Always make sure to set time and money limits before you start playing. For example, never play more than 30 minutes and never lose more than $10. Otherwise, you risk getting addicted. For help, you can visit begambleaware. Depending on the country you are in, there might be other non-profit organizations that can help you.